How to find the best party city in Toronto

Toronto is home to a lot of party cities.And the list of the best is pretty much endless.There’s the one on the edge of town, where the vibe is always a little different, and the ones that are closer to home are the ones with big outdoor bars and party venues.But the city’s other party city?Well, we’ll let you figure […]

How to get a graduation party idea for grad students: Make it more personal, less formal

The idea of a graduation cake is nothing new, but it seems like the perfect thing to try and get people thinking about graduation.But is it actually a good idea?What do graduation party attendees think?Read more…

‘Party Girl’ singer’s parents want her to return to school

The parents of a young girl who sang in a rock band that sold out stadiums and won the hearts of fans say she needs to return home.“Party Girl” singer Brittany Gourdens was diagnosed with B-cell lymphoma two years ago and spent the next six months in a hospital in New Brunswick before she was moved to a hospice in […]

How to make a ‘jackbox’ party to make the internet disappear

It’s no secret that we’re all in for a bit of a jackboot party when it comes to the internet.In a world of constant surveillance, it’s easy to forget that we have access to information from our computers, tablets and smartphones that we may never have otherwise.So, if you’re a gamer or just want to get into the game, the […]

What is the 3rd party?

3rd parties are political parties that have a specific set of principles, but do not follow any specific electoral platform.There is no party line on issues like abortion, abortion rights, gay marriage or the death penalty, for example.In some cases, they have become popular because they are populist and because of their links to social movements and left-wing politics.However, the […]

What’s going on with the Nintendo Switch?

By now, you probably know that Nintendo’s new console has been a bit of a mess for the last few months, and that its software, including its handheld and online services, have all been plagued by technical issues.That’s not a surprise, considering that the company has been working hard on a completely redesigned console for a while now, but it’s […]

How to Make a Large Orgy Party Box (Without Lingerie)

Lingeries and party balloons are becoming increasingly popular, and the idea of having sex in a party box is starting to gain popularity as well.The party box was originally designed for parties of two, but now the concept is becoming more common, and more people are getting into the act.The party box can be either a bedroom or bathroom, and […]

Why I wear a dress in front of everyone, including my husband

I’m always the one in the corner.I’m a pretty big fan of dresses and I don’t think about it much.But, as I’m sure many of you know, I’m not wearing a dress when I’m out with my husband, especially when he’s on a business trip.So, when I went to the market to buy a dress to wear for a reception, […]

How to celebrate Luau’s birthday party supplies

When Luau was little, his family had to take him to a friend’s birthday dinner party.At one point, he had a really bad reaction and fell down the hall.After he was taken to the hospital, he was diagnosed with cerebral palsy.Since then, Luau has had to learn how to walk, walk with a brace, and now, he is able to […]

How to Make a Birthday Party Place: 10 Tips for Making a Halloween Party Place

Party houses are everywhere these days, and their decorations and decorating techniques can be a challenge.You may have your eye on some of the best birthday party places on the market, but what about other party decorating possibilities?Here are 10 tips for making a birthday party place.1.Put a party hat on the house This is a no-brainer.A party hat is […]


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