Mario Party 10 to launch in Europe and Japan this fall

Mario Party 9, a game that started life as a fan-made project, will launch in the Americas, Europe, and Japan in fall, developer Nintendo announced.The game will cost $29.99 on Nintendo eShop, but Nintendo said it plans to launch it for free.Nintendo has not released an exact launch date for Mario Party 8, but the game was first announced in […]

How to navigate the political landscape in Brazil

By Tania Tijms, Business InsiderThe Brazilian constitution does not have a simple answer for how to legislate.It doesn’t have a single law.It has a series of constitutional amendments.Its four constitutions have been amended, and they are constantly being amended.The constitution is a document of national consensus and, by extension, of state power.The president has the authority to pass laws.The congress […]

What do we know about Pat Robertson’s “masquerade” party?

The Pat Robertson presidential campaign has been in hiding since April when it was revealed he had hosted a private gathering at his Florida ranch in July of 2015.The events were held under the name of the Christian Coalition, which was founded by the late televangelist Pat Robertson and was known for its controversial stance on abortion, homosexuality and other […]

How to celebrate graduation with the coolest decorations and party decorations

The Graduation Party is an event that celebrates your graduation from high school.You have just finished your last year of high school and have a lot to do, so you can’t wait to get back to your hometown and get a good night’s sleep.In addition to all of that, you are going to need decorations.And, if you’re like me, you’re […]

What are some of the best snacks to snack on?

ESPN’s Food and Drink blog has compiled a list of the top snacks to sip on at a party, with a few of the more popular ones popping up on the list.Here’s what you need to know about each snack.A: Hot Dog BurgerSource: Wikipedia

How to get your federalist-leaning friends to vote for you

A new survey has found that many of your closest friends may not necessarily be the most informed citizens.CNN reported that the survey, conducted by the Center for American Progress, asked the question, “Which of your friends is an expert on the subject of national security?”It found that 51% of people who identified as liberals thought the following are experts: […]

Mario Party, the first game for the Nintendo 3DS family of consoles, has sold over 50 million copies worldwide – and it’s about to launch on Xbox One and PS4 in the UK

Nintendo 3D Games announced today that Mario Party has sold more than 50 million units worldwide, and it has become the most successful 3D game of all time.The game was first released in Japan on September 10, 2014, and has sold a total of nearly 2.8 million copies in the US and Canada alone.The new figures for Nintendo 3DPrivies more […]

Why is Halloween on sale in Australia?

The jackbox party games that you know and love are all on sale now. There’s no reason not to go for them on the cheap and have fun. The price of the games doesn’t vary much between stores, and the price can be adjusted as needed. For instance, if you have the game, you’ll pay the same for the game at the store […]

What you need to know about the murder mystery party decorations

The murder mystery parties that are happening across Australia are going to be very different to the ones we see on TV and on the internet.Here are the details.Party decorations, murder mystery If you are heading out to a party for the first time, there is a good chance you will have a murder mystery hanging over your head.In the […]

How to avoid the Jackbox Party Pack jackbox party packs

Jackbox party games have been a fixture of the holiday season for decades, and their lineup of games are increasingly popular.And that’s because they’re a good fit for any gamer’s holiday budget.For the record, we’re still not convinced that this year’s Jackbox game, Jackbox Parties, is worth the price of admission.But we’re certainly not going to be buying it again, […]


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