How to play Mario Party: Starring Luigi, Link and Zelda (Nintendo)

A bunch of Nintendo’s newest games, including Mario Party 5, Super Mario Party 6, and Super Mario World: Super Mario Advance 4, are out for the holiday season, and it looks like they have a party game to match.Mario Party Starring Mario, Luigi, Zelda, Bowser, Peach, Toad, Yoshi and Donkey Kong is coming to Nintendo Switch, the company announced in […]

How to Make It in Idaho: A Guide to the Land of the Free

The Free Idaho Party, which was founded in 2015 to create an alternative political party, has now begun a process to change its name to the Free Democratic Party.The party is still going to be called the Free Party, but the name is no longer part of the official platform, which is still being drafted.The platform states that the Free […]

How Mario Party 6 made a Nazi Party appearance in Nintendo’s new game

Mario Party Party 6 is a brand new Nintendo game for the Nintendo Switch, featuring the return of Mario Party’s original theme song, “Mario Party Theme Song.”While it sounds like the theme is in the same vein as its previous games, it also includes a new game mode called the Black Party, which features a mix of Black Lives Matter, […]

Why is your party girl’s name a word?

A party girl has become a term used to describe women in positions of power in the United Kingdom, according to a survey.The word has also become part of the conversation surrounding the rise of women in the workplace, with many women speaking about it as an important part of their role in the work place.Party girl is used to […]

When The After Party Was All About You: The Afterparty To Remember From 2017’s Halloween Party

I was at a house party in late December 2017, and I was expecting to be the only one.The house had a mix of adults, teens, kids, and older couples, and the decor was festive and spooky, as if it were a party at Disneyland.But instead, it was a Halloween party, and we had a very special guest.It was my […]

How to use Christmas to make a new life for yourself

“Christmas is the most fun day of the year.I know because I’ve been doing it for a while.”–“The Christmas Story,” by Michael Keaton.Christmas is often thought of as a time for giving, with a big party, presents and, of course, presents.But what if it was your own party?How do you get your own Christmas party?Here’s how.In a world where the […]

A new party guide for politicians: A look at their political parties

A few years ago, a political party called the Libertarian Party held its first national convention in a park in suburban Cincinnati.In 2016, the party hosted its first presidential candidate forum, and now the party is poised to launch a second one in 2018. “The political revolution we’re in is happening in a lot of different ways,” said David Becker, the […]

How to find the best party city in Toronto

Toronto is home to a lot of party cities.And the list of the best is pretty much endless.There’s the one on the edge of town, where the vibe is always a little different, and the ones that are closer to home are the ones with big outdoor bars and party venues.But the city’s other party city?Well, we’ll let you figure […]

What you need to know about the ‘party to kill’ bill to kill the EU

European Parliament President Martin Schulz said the German Greens are backing a bill that would kill the European Union’s common asylum policy.The bill, dubbed the “Greenspan-Ems” or “green-light bill,” would also eliminate a common asylum rule that applies to people fleeing persecution, violence and war.“I think it’s absolutely necessary to end the common asylum rules,” Schulz told German broadcaster ARD.“It’s […]

What to know about the 2016 Christmas parties in America

More holiday parties in the U.S. are scheduled to begin this year.The annual holiday party season, which runs from December 20 through January 2, will have at least 1,100 events across all 50 states, according to data from the Associated Press.The Associated Press also said this year’s holiday parties are expected to have an average attendance of 2,000 people.It was […]


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