Party tent rentals at the premiere of ‘Killer Instinct’

The trailer for Killer Instinct has already been shown to a select few, including the folks at the Entertainment Weekly tent rental business. So when the premiere came around and we were asked if we could rent our tent, we were blown away. Here’s what we thought: We can’t wait to share this trailer with you.The tent rental industry is exploding.In the […]

What is the best college party song?

The most popular party song for college students is often the most annoying and most embarrassing to hear.If you’re having a bad night and don’t have any party music, this is what you should play on the radio.The list of party songs on radio stations is long, but some of the most popular are: “Dance Dance Revolution” by The National; […]

What is Trivia Murder Party?

It’s a party where you can drink and get fucked up with.If you don’t know who Trivia Death Party is, you can probably guess who is playing the game, but if you do, you might not even realize they’re in the room.The party is hosted at the legendary party house, and it’s a real party that is sure to get […]

What the hell is a ‘party supplies’ party?

After spending the last few weeks with the Polygon team at PAX East, we’re finally ready to share our thoughts on party supplies.There are plenty of party supplies for gamers, but what exactly do they look like?What’s the best way to wear one?How do you make a party supply for a specific type of gamer?Read on to find out.We’re so […]

What you need to know about the murder mystery party decorations

The murder mystery parties that are happening across Australia are going to be very different to the ones we see on TV and on the internet.Here are the details.Party decorations, murder mystery If you are heading out to a party for the first time, there is a good chance you will have a murder mystery hanging over your head.In the […]

How to avoid the Jackbox Party Pack jackbox party packs

Jackbox party games have been a fixture of the holiday season for decades, and their lineup of games are increasingly popular.And that’s because they’re a good fit for any gamer’s holiday budget.For the record, we’re still not convinced that this year’s Jackbox game, Jackbox Parties, is worth the price of admission.But we’re certainly not going to be buying it again, […]

What you need to know about the new GOP tax plan

By Scott Olson, Associated PressThe Republican tax overhaul has not been well received by the public.The bill would cut taxes for businesses, while raising taxes on the middle class.And its effect on the deficit is unclear, with some Republicans calling it a giveaway to the rich.The White House says the Republican tax plan is working.But the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office […]

What is the sausage party and how does it work?

We asked readers for their favorite sausage party events.Now we’re back to give you our top answers.Read next: New iPhone 7 handsets launch at 12:01 a.m.ET on Friday, November 21st.Read the original story at Recode: The biggest political parties in the US.

Mario Party 2 – Search Party Movie

Mario Party 2: Search Party is a competitive online multiplayer game that pits players against each other in a 3D puzzle-platforming arena.Players will have to use their wits to traverse a vast world in search of the hidden treasure chests and collectible power-ups to unlock new areas and power-up items for their party.This is the latest game in the Mario […]

‘Pollyanna’ will be the title of this new Irish film

Now Playing: ‘Pillow Talk’ review: This Irish comedy is more than a bit sadistic Now Playing “Pollyannas” is a great Irish comedyNow Playing “Bella Thorne” will reunite with James McAvoyNow Playing ‘Bella’ star talks about being bullied by a school bullyNow Playing What does Irish film-maker, filmmaker and director Michael Moore say about his new filmNow Playing Michael Moore’s ‘A […]


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