Supreme Court of Israel declares party dresses off limits

The Supreme Court on Wednesday declared party dresses “unconstitutional” and ordered that they be banned from universities and colleges, as well as the courts, while parties and their hosts are banned from public places, and party dress codes must be observed.The court issued its ruling after the High Court of Justice in Israel ruled on July 25 that parties and […]

What is the 3rd party?

3rd parties are political parties that have a specific set of principles, but do not follow any specific electoral platform.There is no party line on issues like abortion, abortion rights, gay marriage or the death penalty, for example.In some cases, they have become popular because they are populist and because of their links to social movements and left-wing politics.However, the […]

Who will win the #PartyBoatLoyalty?

I love the way the #ProudToBeParty hashtag has become a platform for us to celebrate the love of our country and the people who make it up.But, it’s not just the party boat rental thing that’s fun.We also have the Constitution Party’s birthday party ideas, which we’ll be sharing on social media as soon as the election results are announced.The […]

How to Make a Large Orgy Party Box (Without Lingerie)

Lingeries and party balloons are becoming increasingly popular, and the idea of having sex in a party box is starting to gain popularity as well.The party box was originally designed for parties of two, but now the concept is becoming more common, and more people are getting into the act.The party box can be either a bedroom or bathroom, and […]

How to navigate the political landscape in Brazil

By Tania Tijms, Business InsiderThe Brazilian constitution does not have a simple answer for how to legislate.It doesn’t have a single law.It has a series of constitutional amendments.Its four constitutions have been amended, and they are constantly being amended.The constitution is a document of national consensus and, by extension, of state power.The president has the authority to pass laws.The congress […]


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