How to find your perfect party party movie

When you think of a party party, what do you picture?It’s a big ol’ group of friends and family gathered around a campfire, a couple of beers, and a couple songs.You know, like a real party.But there’s a catch.You can’t just go out and find a party with your friends, and if you want to make that party your new […]

How to be a Liberal Party insider quiz

4/5 5.How do you become a Liberal insider?The answer depends on how you look at it.It’s no secret that the Liberal Party has a history of being the first political party to have its own party in NSW.That meant the first members of the Liberal family to be born in the state were born in Brisbane.The Liberal Party was born […]

Which presidential candidate has the best food ideas?

A lot of presidential candidates will be eating at the White House this week, but there’s one food that they’re not.The party food idea that seems to be most popular among presidential candidates.Presidential candidates have been eating food with all kinds of flavors for years, but this year, the presidential candidates are also going to be making their presidential dinner […]

Bernie Sanders says he wants ‘open borders’

The Vermont senator is hoping to win over voters by talking about how the country has been taken over by “political correctness” that he says has left millions of Americans “living in a state of fear.”In a Facebook post Wednesday, Sanders said his views on immigration “are not at odds with any of the values that we stand for” and […]

‘This is not the beginning’: Republican leaders fear Brexit could cost them the next election

In a rare move, conservative leaders in the US are warning that Brexit could bring a “hard landing” for the country.The Conservative Party, in a joint statement with the Tea Party, said they would use the Brexit vote to call for a constitutional convention, in which conservative members would decide whether to run in 2020 or 2022 elections.“There are some […]

How to create a Mario Party Party decorations

Posted January 25, 2020 07:24:59If you’re looking for an alternative to the classic party decorations, or a more festive party for your guests, we’ve got the Mario Party decorations for you.They’re made with all the decorations you’d expect in a party decor, and all of them come in a variety of sizes.We’ve got decorations for parties of all sizes, from […]

How to Make Your Own Democratic Party Speaker, Party Rules and Other Details

The Democratic Party of Texas will have its first speaker in 2018, but the party has yet to find a candidate who will join the platform committee.That committee meets on Wednesday in Dallas, and the first meeting will likely focus on who will fill the vacant chair.The slate of speakers is still being finalized, but they include the Democratic Party’s […]

How a dinosaur’s birthday party invitations were made into viral memes: Part 1

In the late 19th century, a young man named Abraham Lincoln invited a group of friends to his home to celebrate his birthday with a birthday party invitation.The invitation was not a formal invitation, but instead the result of a series of letters exchanged by Lincoln’s friends, each one addressed to one of his family members.Lincoln’s letter was addressed to […]

When to switch your party hat, and when to stop

With the election looming, Mario Party is about to get a new look.But a party switch may be just as important.The company has made the switch from the Nintendo Switch to the Apple Watch.We’re taking a look at what it takes to change a party’s look, and what you need to know about how to do it.Read more about Switch […]

How to make cocktails with cocktail party wig effects

When the cocktail party atmosphere becomes too crowded, wig effects can make an appearance.You may also want to experiment with different types of wig effects and their effects on facial hair and facial expression.For more tips on wig effects, check out our article on what makeup and hairstyles are good for makeup and how to make them.1.Use a hair mask […]


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